Bright Sparks Drama

Bright Sparks is a drama school run by Emma Westell at Hadleigh Old Fire Station. It aims to blaze a trail for a high standard in drama training while developing the student’s confidence, self-discipline and respect in a supportive and enthusiastic environment.

Bright Sparks is now in its second year at Hadleigh Old Fire Station. The school had stunning results in their LAMDA acting exams and they achieved 100% pass mark with merits and distinctions. Performances ranged from a circus show to shadow puppets, review shows to masks.

Bright Sparks brings out the hidden talents and present these skills in reviews and shows. Dramatic role play allows a child to practise being different characters in both imaginary and realistic situations within a safe, controlled environment. This helps the child to understand their own reactions and the different points of view of others. Other skills such as making props and puppets used in performances are also useful in raising self esteem and a sense of ownership.

Bright Sparks teaches theatrical terms and phrases so the student builds up a useful vocabulary, and provides vocal coaching in diction, projection and intonation so that they can express themselves clearly and confidently.

Bright Sparks uses all forms of drama stimuli; costumes, props, modern and classic texts and audio visual resources to enrich their learning experience.

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