Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive

A Social History Website for Hadleigh, Thundersley & Daws Heath www.hadleighhistory.org.uk 

Informing the future...making history today!

Poised as we are, on the cusp of an extraordinary regeneration programme for Castle Point, and with urbanisation putting relentless pressure on our green spaces, never before has there been a more pertinent time to address those social issues relating to feelings of Community and Belonging. Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive has created a means for our populace to express their identity, providing a lifeline to their future and an anchor to their past.

The Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive is an online, not-for-profit adventure where volunteers enable the public to document a richly woven history for this area (in text, pictures and recordings), which everyone can both contribute to and access - without cost - to create a better understanding of events, people and places.

We aim to support and encourage the development of a community spirit between diverse social groups by nurturing an enthusiasm for local history. Links with other community groups and other archives in the surrounding areas are welcomed and actively supported.

A new social initiative

The Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive was (along with five others) the inspiration of Debbie Peers of Essex Record Office and Sue Hampson of Essex Libraries and was initially funded by a Heritage Lottery Grant in 2010.

Esprit de corps

The purpose of our Community Archive is to develop a wider (and participating) audience for local heritage and culture through education and participation. This will strengthen our feelings of “community” and “civic pride” and help make Castle Point a better place to live and thrive. The activities of the Archive will engender tolerance and mutual understanding between generations and between social and ethnic groups. We have continued to create new projects, opening fresh areas for interaction; as seen on our blog sites which have underpinned a BBC 4 Programme.


and https://hadleighaosthundersley.wordpress.com/

For those keen on social media, we tweet heritage, archaeological and related areas as https://twitter.com/CunningMurrell

An enthusiasm for local history - available free of charge

The heart of our operation will always be the website, which has been developed to facilitate the collation of local history (past and contemporary) and to preserve and disseminate this through a virtual archive comprising images, text, film and sound. In addition, regular public meetings have revealed that there is an appetite for opportunities to gather together and share stories. Indeed, we are staggered by the popularity of slide-shows and local history talks. The free-of-charge activities are supported through sales of our own exciting and innovative books about the history of Hadleigh, Daws Heath and Thundersley. For details of publications produced by the Archive, see our web-site at www.hadleighhistory.org.uk

The Archive provides the means to preserve oral histories and living memories about Hadleigh, Daws Heath and Thundersley. Anyone may submit material, free of charge - either directly online (the process is remarkably intuitive) or with help from a trained volunteer. Public drop-in sessions are held periodically at Hadleigh Library: up-to-date details are advertised at HOFS, HELIX, on www.hadleighhistory.org.uk  and also from Library staff (01702) 559676.

The Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive is a non-profit making community organisation and does not, in any way, seek to compromise Copyright (which remains with the creator and their estate).