Stephen King

My name is Stephen King, I am a self taught photographer, I guess my favourite aspects of photography are freedom of choice in subject matter and the creativity involved. It is like no other job or hobby it can take you anywhere at any time. For example one day I may have the delicate matter of a newborn baby’s first portrait to the extremes of other days when I may put myself in dangerous situations to capture a unique shot at motorsport events.

The greatest part of photography for me is creating a photo that can evoke emotion or inspire other people in some way. I believe photography is a very creative and competitive industry to work in and the competition should always compel photographers to learn new techniques.

As well as portrait photography I also cover weddings, functions, products and sport photography.

Being a creative career I am always looking to change the way I work and learn new techniques. I also want to be able to teach others interested in photography how to use cameras and studio equipment.

My studio room is available for portrait sessions and to hire (with my assistance) to learn photography skills. Please contact me for more information.

Telephone 07743 972340