Philip Bradshaw

My work is reactive. I respond to ideas and things in my environment, particularly the seemingly insignificant or overlooked. Chance or everyday encounters deliver raw material for further exploration.

My process is diverse. It may comprise reworking found images, observing absurd behaviour, transforming discovered objects, re-contextualising fragments of text or curious overheard phrases, exploiting photographic ‘failures’ or using pre-programmed effects from PowerPoint.

My approach is variously playful, knowing and referential, improvisational, experimental, humorous, enigmatic, intentionally ambiguous.

I use a range of media, as appropriate. Text, video/animation, wall paintings, drawings, paintings on canvas, sculpture, sound pieces, photography and print have all been employed to date.

Born Lancaster, 1953. After a long career in IT, I studied BA and MA Fine Art at University of East London 2008 - 2013.

07761 127653