Lorna Stennett

I have been working in charcoal and watercolour for many years, but discovering collage has taken me into a new dimension. Collage, for me, is a depiction of the fragmented nature of the world and yet, paradoxically, its togetherness.

Much of my work focuses on women and their role in Western society. Acknowledging the perception of ‘the weaker sex’ yet celebrating a woman’s hidden strength and emancipation of the 20th Century. It is my hope that, through my work, most will be able to take something from this; or they will know someone who has had this experience, or to be able to relate to the subject matter in some way.

Images from all places, races, and ages are combined to produce my final pieces. Using appropriated materials from books, print media as well as fabric and materials that speak of home making, often combining these with my painting and drawing skills and skills traditionally regarded as ‘feminine’. Exploring discarded materials to construct and reconstruct new meaning.

‘Jumping into the unknown’ plays a big part in my creative process, tapping into the subconscious whilst having a true awareness of thought. Art has enriched my life, continuing to help me to grow creatively and intellectually. Often seen as having sobering and political undertones, I allow my work to ‘speak’ to me, as I become the viewer, knowing a work is complete when feeling a deep connection with it.

The artists that have influenced my work are: Hannah Hoch, Barbara Kruger, John Stezaker and Linder Sterling.