Jane High

Jane High is an animal portrait artist living in Hadleigh, Essex.  She has been passionate about art from a very young age and first started drawing with charcoal and graphite before graduating to pastels as a teenager, which have remained her favourite medium.

Jane started to pursue her love of art in earnest in the early 90’s, when her family were more independent and has continued as an artist ever since.  Although Jane has produced many paintings using a variety of subject matter, she has settled over the last several years on painting animals both wild and domestic, which she did in childhood.  So on reflection she has travelled full circle by returning to her original desire and painting from the heart.

Jane is fascinated by animal’s eyes and has gradually developed her work on a larger scale in order to focus in greater detail and explore textures.

Jane is a resident artist at her studio facility in central Hadleigh at HOFS House.  She undertakes work on a commission basis, delivers workshops and also offers private tutoring.  Jane exhibits her work in both Essex and London.