Amanda Jackson

“How does the environment, the place where I live or inhabit for a time, seep into the sub conscious mind; how to interpret this place and how I see it visually in two dimensions, what is it that catches my attention, why does this small insignificant object appear in my paintings? These are just some of the questions that preoccupy my current practice.”

It was said of Prunella Clough’s work the she wanted to say a small thing edgily and this is something that Amanda aims for in her paintings.

Amanda’s semi abstract paintings always have their beginnings in the observed environment; through walking in the landscape her interest is sparked by the forms, both natural and manmade that inhabit the space.

Living by the Thames Estuary in Essex, a place of natural beauty and post-industrial decay in equal measure, Amanda is drawn to unloved margins, edgelands, ancient woodlands and muddy salt marshes of the Essex coast.

Much of her preliminary investigations are made directly in the landscape before returning to the studio, for further exploration and reflection. She works in series, working on several paintings at once as this creates a flow of ideas, one leading to another, her intention being to be surprised by the end result.

instagram @amandajacksonart